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Whatever your idea of paradise is You`re guaranteed to find a slice of it tucked away in Costa Rica that takes its inspiration from nature and the warmth of its people.  Eco Dreams Travel is your partner in discovering the best of Costa Rica.

This beautiful country showcases boundless scenery that runs the full scope from mountains cloaked in misty cloud rainforest to classic palm shaded tropical beaches, Costa Rica is a natural haven with plenty to explore. Experience the best in beauty, culture and nature and you will quickly feel its magic.

Enjoy the wide variety of adventures that sets Costa Rica apart, from volcano hikes and hot springs to wildlife watching, canopy zip lines and fantastic beaches. Everything is close by and there is an adventure experience for all tastes.  This is where you will collect moments and memories and your spirit of adventure that resides in all of us will shine.

Nestled between North and South America, Costa Rica is strategically located geographically and the diverse natural and cultural landscape is inspiring.  Also inspiring is that abolished it`s army and decided to invest in education and health instead that paved the way for the creation of a small country with a strong global presence.  And it is not only smart, it is beautiful too!

Eco Dream Travel is your best Costa Rican expert tour operator with a team of Travel Experience Designers that will transport you to exciting destinations with spectacular sights in amazing Costa Rica.  It is our pleasure to show you the very best of the country we love with tailor-made itineraries that are crafted by design. We pride ourselves on our capacity and flexibility to create unique experiences based on our client`s requests and dreams.

We promise to show you the real Costa Rica.  Join us in exploring the exquisite natural environment complimented with a vibrant culture and the warm welcome by the Costa Rican`s or “Ticos”.   This is paradise for all seasons and for all experiences.

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